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Holistic Yoga explores more than the physical practices of yoga, it’s about how we bring yoga to life. It is true, yoga breathing practices can help you regulate your nervous system and become more resilient in a world of uncertainty and rapid change. Yoga postures (and somatic movement) can enable you to reconnect with and love your body, whatever size, shape, gender or skin colour you live in.

Yet the power of yoga goes beyond self-care. Yoga philosophy is what Gandhi employed to gain Indian Independence. Martin Luther King drew on these ideas to develop his strategy of nonviolence which secured important civil rights for Black people in the US.

This newsletter explores both how we can use yogic thinking to create a more just and equitable world and how we can use yoga techniques to enable us to thrive rather than merely survive, in the world today.

Yoga practice helps us to connect to our inner power, be more compassionate, and be more humble. It’s not just for the yoga bunnies, it’s for all of us. If you can breathe, you can practice yoga. Sign up and be inspired on a weekly basis…

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